Thursday, 31 July 2014

Gaya Tourism

About Gaya Tourism 

Gaya Tourism is an important religious place and considered the most sacred place for the Hindus, particularly for the ritual of Pind Dan. According to Hindu religious scriptures, every Hindu is expected to perform Pind Dan once in his lifetime to pacify his ancestors above in heaven. The ritual has been in practice since the days of the Ramayana and even Lord Ram came to Gaya accompanied with wife Sita to perform Pind Dan for his ancestors.

Vishnupad Temple is sacred among Hindus and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Gaya Tourism has developed around the temple. According to believers and religious texts, the footprints inside the temple are those of Lord Vishnu.The temple complex is quite big and houses many images of different Gods and Goddesses. There are many other shrines in and around the temple. Another important temple is of Lord Nrisimha, the god which according to Hindu mythology was a man-lion incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The temple and statue is intricately carved and designed and is a major tourist attraction at Gaya.

Surya Kund is a major tourist attraction. It is located on the west side of the famous Vishnupad temple.  Devotees believe that a holy dip in the pond gets rid them of their sins. Gaya Tourism the place is thronged by tourists during festival seasons. The festival is organized twice in a year, first in the months of March-April and second in the months of September-October. Surya Kund becomes most visited place on Chhath when Sun God is worshiped and people from near by places come to take a dip in the Surya Kund. 

Mahabodhi Temple standing just behind the Mahabodhi Tree where Sidhartha Gautam had attained enlightenment is situated at Bodh Gaya. Gaya Tourism the architectural superiority of the temple is marvelous and has been appreciated a lot by tourists. Mahabodhi Temple stands 170 feet tall and Chatras on the top are symbol of sovereignty of religion